One pair of Nike replica shoes collection and souvenir value

If you like For Baltimore, this pair of shoes is your best choice, shoebox is American comic style. Here, this pair of Nike replica shoes make you heart it?

Nike’s season-specific special field Air Force 1 (aka SF AF-1) has changed significantly for fall / winter. And yesterday, in honor of the legendary past of this brand sneakers, and announced the exclusive style.

Nike uses black leather with nylon material to make body for, Baltimore theme SF-AF1 Mid launch again Gold “B” New “For Baltimore” More “Tag” Representative of number “1984”, In addition, the Edo Pisco shoe, painted on American comic style AF1. Is shipped with Baltimore AF1 complex comics, collections, and a story full of worthy memorials.

Baltic Air Force 1 Resilience to the Special Air Force for, the first variant of “B’More” after reviving the spirit of the times. SF-AF1 Mid-Autumn Festival and SF-AF1 are becoming more and more popular. The original SF-AF1 seems to have slipped a new color.

Nike replica shoes was born in that period for the future, prediction of a pair of shoes Nike¬† Air Force One is a great lover of Baltimore street lovers. Not the first time in the 80s Air Force One, after the brand injected the tonic. Baltimore “city began with a pair of shoes between a city and a special complex that did not annotate AF1.

One pair of Nike replica shoes collection and souvenir value
Now equipped with rubber soles, you can see the Navy’s midnight color standard SF-AF1, double belt leather and ballistic nylon construction. Navy and chewing gum SF-AF1 sold by Nike sportswear retailers such as Burn Rubber.

The color of black gum, referring to the importance of 1984 “B’More” is characterized by a gold embroidery strap with gold. The shoe insole is printed with patterns inspired by cartoon books. This package is a special edition box and cartoons. Painted by Ed Piskor deals with the history of sneakers that have been tested for time.

Following Baltimore’s theme, This style will be released exclusively at the Mondain Mall in the Downtown DTLR (DTLR).¬† At the Monument Street location in the city, Online material has not been confirmed yet.


One pair of Nike replica shoes collection and souvenir value