The first women’s replica Nike skateboard shoes

Women and men in many ways are not the same, then the design of their Nike skateboard shoes, certainly from the same point of view to think and design.Look at  women replica Nike shoes designed a pair of skateboard shoes.

“I saw online shoes online and saw how they could better fit their shoes online,” I put a frozen plastic bag in my shoes, “said Recie Baker, a professional SBB skateboarder. Please stretch your legs to make you feel better.

Baker’s insights are similar to those of Nike SB female athletes such as Leticia Bufoni, Sarah Meurle, Josie Millard, and Nike’s survey of many female skateboarders.

Changes in men’s skateboard shoes to improve the human body. Some have become aware of the consciousness that accompanies tapes, microwaves and other similar acts, enhancing the confidence of the athlete.

But they point out a very practical need. Skateboard shoes designed for women’s feet do not need to affect or modify performance. It was linked to the development of the first Nike skate designed for women: Nike SB Bruce High.

Baker added: “The most important thing for me is to support the sustainability and balance of shoes, shoes and comfort.” If this is the perfect balance, I think it is most relevant to skateboarding. ”

This is a new generation of women’s shoes that address the convenience of women’s Nike skateboard shoes. Compared to the new engraved typical male skate, the shrunk heel shoes with shallower paw embrace the legs to prevent unnecessary distraction. This creates enough room for the room you need for the comfort you need.

It is also important to change from a traditional square pattern of pedals to a three-star pattern as part of the typical vulcanizing device of the shoe.

Nike SB is the first step in developing this geometry, and lastly it appears in other shoes that improve the structure of the shoe, reduce weight and improve flexibility. This three-star shape has a feature that allows shoes to move more smoothly.

Baker concluded, “In the blues, it will feel perfect automatically.” The shape of the shoe is perfect for my feet. A little slope behind the shoe holds the heel and spreads towards the front of the shoe, providing a balanced support and freedom.

The first women's replica Nike skateboard shoes