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For some seasons the sport is perfect, the fashion business does not have a yacht on the footbridge. Besides the big bird of the 1990s, in addition to the famous wedding combination.

This phenomenon is activated in the file and the new life organizes old sports shoes. In a very successful project, initiated every year. In 2013, Adidas and Raf Simons trend is another key name for the fashion system.

Capsule shoes

Nike’s Virgil Abloh series is a great inspiration for the Fall and Winter 2017 styles. From the beginning of my childhood, the founders of the black and white company, the brand and the youth have a real passion and have friends even through the design of a new model post.

Illinois 36-year-old designer says between Milan and Chicago: “We are very obsessed with Air Jordan. In this love, the new Capsule series of 10 years old (November 2011 store) Bleeding language, the new translucent font inside the material from inside, I remember sneakers and cartoons.

After the first summer’s compilation, Vetter x Reebok emphasized the back of the pump. The special pump system, which was launched in 1989, has become a symbol of industrial revolutionary enterprise heritage.

Today, creative leader Demna Gvasalia emphasizes the spirit of the “90s” that redevelops the silhouette according to the characters of the avant-garde fashion house.

Artistic director like Valencia, and fitness capsule shoes into the center of the tradition of French fashion. Le Triple-S is a new symbol of street modern culture to conquer the most famous fashion shows. The large-scale structured Paris Fashion Week is all street style shooting sneakers with the most 3-layered sole representing the design.

The list will continue. Light commercial vehicle X Karl Lagerfeld’s strict black and white Chanel and Fendi’s 12 models have a visually stunning aesthetic, demand with a new balance or capsule of the historic 990v4 special edition STUSSY X engineering garment Converse.

Puma, Rihanna, Adidas, and Farrell Williams are also included in the various music pairs. And this trend continues in the fashion week estate 2018 which sees the monopoly of Kuchuan Kubo Galleson parade and the rubber floor with the emergence of Louis Vuitton.